The below links share an extensive document entitled "The Millennium and Christ's Kingdom" written many years ago.  It certainly gives a lot to think about for one who really wants to dig into and get to the bottom of things.    

www.The Millennium ... com   Gives many vital aspects to ponder about the Millennium!

Part  2  Of The Millennium  Speaks of Christ"s Kingdom.    It speaks of Christ's peaceful New Testament Kingdom.  I did see some things a bit different and become a bit more tolerant of police and solders in a latter research  as given at

   The below speaks about how misused many prophecies are.  Normally I write very simply, and as a child, but here I sought to write in different style.  

   I am confounded that so great a sum of people interpret and proclaim copious prophesies as having a singular and specific end time fulfillment, and without appropriate documentation.  Furthermore with a proclamation nigh unto, "thus saith the Lord". Such is inexcusable as prophesies are often nonspecific and widely adaptable, while therewith some prophesies may have been fulfilled copious times in the past, and as a future incidence could adapt to such a diversity of occurrences it is folly to seek to transliterate it to a singular supposed interpretation. Without a special revelation from God, many prophesies should remain as a variable component, and which only it's author and time can reveal it's intended position. Many prophesies in the past were not understood until accomplished, and those with wisdom should have comprehension of the reason of such.

   To proclaim God has by divine revelation revealed the interpretation of a prophesy and therewith proclaim it's future manifestation is rational, while even such needs scrutinized to know the validity of the divine revelation. But when men effected by popular religious dogma, seek to constrain a prophesy to a singular narrow interpretation, while much needed subject matter is lacking to with certainty ascribe that interpretation, flesh is manipulating Scripture with obvious injustice.

   Jacob had great trouble many times throughout history, how then can men with integrity and certainty clutch one nonspecific and widely adaptable verse speaking of Jacob's trouble, and thereby proclaim that it is emphatically speaking of a particular and singular end time calamity? Scriptures without direct address, are without direct address, regardless of how popular the address or destiny given to the Scripture might be, and regardless of how many people might seek to attach that address to the Scripture. Regarding the antichrist, such was already in existence in Apostle John's time, while furthermore prophesies regarding the antichrist could relate to a general evil government, rather than to a singular ruler, and even further have a significant Spiritual rather than only literal fulfillment. But likewise regarding the antichrist, many have a singular and spectacular end time expectation and declaration on such, nigh unto "thus saith the Lord".

   Regarding the last and special week in Daniel's famous 70 week prophesy, in the which the covenant was confirmed with many for one week, one very worthy but largely unnoticed fulfillment regarding this prophesy could pertain to seven special years of confirming Christ's new covenant. These vital seven years could include both Christ's ministry and His disciples effectual ministry following His death and resurrection. Obviously Christ and His disciples powerfully confirmed God's new covenant for seven years, while in the midst of that week Christ gave the supreme sacrifice and caused the sacrifice or need of it to cease. Around thirty years after this special week for overspreading of abominations God allowed Jerusalem to be made desolate. Yet many again have a single, popular, and spectacular thus saith the Lord future and end time expectation regarding this prophesy as well. Yet what the Scriptures do not give a direct address to, does not have a direct address regardless of how men might address it. Certainly prophesies can be two fold, and possibly even ten fold, and thus pertain to a future event, even if fulfilled previously. Yet just as certainly as prophesies are widely adaptable and can fit into many episodes, men certainly neither can with surety confine a prophesy to any singular and specific future destiny. The destiny or destinies of prophesies often are only fully comprehended after God has placed it, and God intended it so. To address a broadly applicable prophesy to one particular destiny, as a thus saith the Lord destiny, is man's adding to Scripture, rather than waiting on God an allowing prophesy to address itself. As prophesies are so broadly applicable, regarding the addressing of prophesy, it is of great magnitude that no address is applied to prophesy that conflicts with any forthright and plain spoken Scriptural documentation.

   Regarding the 1000 year reign of the SOULS that were BEHEADED, as in Revelations 20, such obviously has more documentation than one verse about Jacob having trouble. Yet even its accurate destiny is quite obscure. One possible fulfillment of the prophesy being the new and special reign in the heavens which began after three crucial changes took place in the heavenlies, such as firstly after Christ conquered sin and death and ascended to heaven in a new bodily form, secondly after the war that ensued in heaven upon His arrival in which Satan was cast out, bringing in the Kingdom of our God and everlasting righteousness, and thirdly after that the soul's which were bound in Hades were released and allowed to return and be gathered into the presence of the Almighty to abide and reign with Him where everlasting righteous was now reigning. Regarding the deliverance of the Souls of the Saints from Hades to rest and reign with Christ in the heavenlies after Christ's death (our real High Priest), such is agreeably symbolized in how after the High Priest death the unintentional man's slayer was allowed to return to his prior freedom and position. Yet regardless of what the proper interpretation of the 1000 year reign might be, many have a particular earthly interpretation of such, and which address seems quite contrary to numerous plain spoken teachings of Christ and the apostles regarding Christ's second coming and events closely surrounding it. The Israelites, and even Christ's own disciples, had very wrong expectations regarding prophesies about their, Messiah, and only understood it after God situated its final destiny. Those who are wise will consider such.

   Concerning the prophesy in Romans 11 which speaks of all Israel being saved, such also could be addressed in numerous manners. Those with wisdom should comprehend that to follow the spirit and tenor of Scripture and prophesy is of greatest consequence, rather than stumbling over the letter which killeth. Could Apostle Paul speaking of all Israel being saved, be speaking of the special time when the literal and physical, yet unbelieving, Israel begins to acknowledge Christ, together with the Spiritual and believing Israel (largely Gentiles), and herein all Israel being saved, including both the fleshly and Spiritual factions of God's Israel? Or could this prophesy possibly pertain to a larger portion of Israel being saved in the latter rain than was saved during Pentecost? Some largely following the letter of the Word claim every last single man of Israel will be saved. Yet in our day who really is an authorized full blooded Israelite to count in such definite and technical number? To know exactly how to address this prophesy, also is difficult, if not impossible.

   May Christians rather than being busy about construing and addressing broadly adaptable prophesies beyond what is written (and thereby possibly even infringing on other plain spoken Scriptural documentation), rather be busy seeking to have the mind of Christ and seeking to please Him. It tends to please us when someone is interested in and excited about what we are interested in and excited about. Likewise to please Christ should we not seek to be interested in and excited about what He is interested in? Jesus while on earth certainly was not was excited about popular religion, nor was He mostly focusing on end time prophesies, although He could have addressed them in an astonishing measure. Rather Jesus was interested in advocating repentance, the Kingdom, and in soccoring the suffering and oppressed. Jesus rather than being interested in the Pharisee's supposed elite religion called them fools and blind, and turning from them went about teaching humility and love, and healing the sick. The following Scripture reveals Christ's interests, and may we seek to have the same. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord." (Luke 4:18–19, AV). Christ's emphasis very much corresponded with His Father's emphasis as below.

   (Isaiah 58:6, AV) "6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?"

   (Micah 6:8, AV) "8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?"

   Jesus emphatically advocated solid and healthy standards of life, and which were quite different than merely man's self chosen ascetic religious traditions, which often are accompanied with pride. Actually, Jesus was often persecuted and accused as a liberal, by those taken up with their manmade religious dogma. Yet Jesus had real values, and said that those who hear His sayings and do them are like to a wise man who dug deep and built His house on a ROCK, and said other houses will grievously fall. Too many Christians in judging a matter, merely inquire as to what others might think, and simply follow the crowd, thus are destitute of digging deep and being on that ROCK. In conclusion you are invited to watch the 30 second video at the following link as it shockingly portrays the need of being personally anchored on that ROCK, as we are solemnly lowered into the grave. Having strained at gnats and swallowed camels to understand or not understand what we want, and light and unbalanced religious dogma, will be weighed in the balances and found wanting at that crucial time. Thus it will not hold but will give way, and the fall of that house will be great. God Bless

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